United Micronations Announces Official Launch

Kaltsstadt - Today, the United Micronations announced the official launch of the United Micronations. So far, there are 6 official countries in the UM. These countries include:

  • The Empire of Cyaneus
  • Kingdom of Catan
  • Autocratie-Romaine
  • Scotia
  • Kingdom of Aragonia
  • Principality of New York

The launch was announced shortly after Freddie Dewhirst, Catan's Prime Minister, resigned to get ready for the next election.

The Acceptance of New Micronations

Should any other Micronations wish to join the UM, they must request to become a member to the Secretary-General of the UM. Currently, there is no Secretary-General, but name submissions for the Secretary-General from each member must be submitted by 9/22/17, which will then be voted upon. Once the micronation requests to the Secretary-General, the other members will vote whether the nation should be accepted or not.

The Alexis Convention

Suggested by Cyaneus' Supreme Commander and accepted by Catan's Prime Minister Freddie Dewhirst, the first United Micronations summit will take place in Catan's capital city of Alexis. There, a Treaty will be signed regarding intermicronational law for embassies and/or any other foreign diplomatic assets. The convention will also discuss issues such as North Korea's apparent successful test of a Hydrogen bomb, which recently caused Cyaneus to declare a state of emergency. Tickets are now on sale, and can be purchased for civilians, the press, and others interested in attending. Those can be bought here: https://t.co/kBF0Fj0Gzi?amp=1

Nathan Buxton

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